20 January 2023

Pikasso Italia launches the “Milano Collection”

<strong>Pikasso Italia launches the “Milano Collection”</strong>

of Classic Large Formats with Elisabetta Benassi’s work “Ascolto il tuo cuore, Città” (” I Listen to your heart, City “)

Pikasso Italia, an OOH & DOOH advertising company, www.pikassoitalia.it, is pleased to announce the launch of the “Milano Collection” of Classic and Digital Large Formats with the first four newly acquired locations.

The “Milano Collection” today consists of two Walls and two Rooftops located in major traffic roads in both the north and south of Milan.

On that occasion, Pikasso Italia chose a symptomatic work by Elisabetta BenassiAscolto il tuo cuore, Città” (” I Listen to your heart, City “) to be displayed as the first campaign on the two walls of Via Quaranta, 12 and Via Pellegrino Rossi, 37 in Milan.

Ascolto il tuo cuore, Città” is a tribute to the City of Milan by artist Elisabetta Benassi inspired by Alberto Savinio’s eponymous book and repurposes the practice, well rooted in Benassi’s work, of the “objet trouvé” and its rewriting in terms of poetic potential. A copy of the first edition of Savinio’s book is stuck on a strange rack to a bicycle handlebar, amidst the obvious reference to the means of daily transport and ironic anatomical & animal allusions.

This same work was also the title of a group exhibition curated by Magazzino in 2021, whose selected works reflect a range of different approaches to the theme of the City, imagining architectural spaces and interiors as the extension of a mental state.

Antonio Vincenti, Founder and CEO of the Pikasso Group and General Manager of Pikasso Italia said “Art plays, as we all know, an essential role in our daily lives. We could not find a more contextually relevant work than “Ascolto il tuo cuore, Città” for the launch of the Milano Collection Large Formats.

I would like to express my gratitude to Elisabetta Benassi, an artist of immense talent, who allowed us to display her wonderful work on our walls. As I would like to thank Mauro Nicoletti founder of Magazzino for making this activation possible.”

Mauro Nicoletti founder of Magazzino said, “We are very happy of this collaboration with Pikasso Italia, and to be able to occupy an interesting public space for contemporary art, which OOH advertising offers. We believe that the impact on a non-specialized audience, and furthermore, that the life of a work (or its image) in ‘everyone’s’ space, can only give it greater reach. We thank, in this regard, Antonio Vincenti for the truly commendable initiative.

I would like also to extend the enthusiasm with which Elisabetta Benassi joined this initiative, pleased to be able to exhibit one of her works, that originates from Alberto Savinio’s book that pays tribute to the city of Milan, also in view of the presentation of a large permanent work in CityLife district, planned later this year.”

About Elisabetta Benassi:

Elisabetta Benassi was born in 1966 in Rome, where she lives and works. Using cultural, political, psychoanalytic and artistic references to the twentieth century, as well as salient and controversial contemporary issues, Elisabetta Benassi creates works that move along the difficult space of our times.

About Magazzino Gallery Rome:

Since 1997, Magazzino has distinguished itself by supporting and promoting contemporary artistic research, working closely with artists, critics and curators. The focus of the gallery is the international promotion of Italian artists works, both emerging and recognized, as well as the work of international artists in their first exhibitions in Italy. One of Magazzino’s principles is the creation of exhibition projects conceived and curated specifically for the gallery.

Throughout its history, the gallery has supported its artists in producing large-scale projects intended for major international exhibitions.

This identity, combined with participation in the most important international art fairs, characterizes Magazzino as one of the leading realities of the gallery scene in Rome.

About Pikasso Italia:

Pikasso Italia srl, established in June 2022 with the Headquarter in Milan, is part of Pikasso Group (www.pikasso.com), a leading Out-Of-Home (OOH) and Digital-Out-Of-Home (DOOH) company founded in 1986 and present in 11 countries.

Pikasso places quality and innovation at the heart of its development to constantly meet its clients’ needs. Our focus is on ensuring audience engagement in prime locations and delivering creative opportunities to our advertisers while remaining at the forefront of technology.

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